Be Digital. Faster.

Aimtec, an exceptional company competing with the big players in the digital manufacturing and logistics market needed to shift its strategic development considerations and strengthen its brand so that no one in the large manufacturing corporations would doubt it. 

It was clear that, as a software company from the Czech Republic, it still had to overcome a certain stereotype among some traditional manufacturers in 2016. But you can't do that with a fearful brand.

So we spoke to many clients here and abroad and, as usual, they told us themselves what was so different about Aimtec. It's their sincere desire to solve any problem quickly and efficiently. "They help us become digital. And they do it fast," one CIO of a major German automotive company, told us.

The new proposition "Be digital. Faster." then nothing stood in the way. Aimtec helps companies go digital and does it faster than the competition. Period.

Then when we saw that slogan and branding on t-shirts in private photos or on the company team's cycling jerseys, we knew it was right. Designer Dima Strapchev took charge of the entire graphic system and we jointly equipped the company with a completely new, flexible visual identity. It still works after seven years.


TAL Conference

Naturally, the Trends in Automotive Logistics conference was also part of the project, and it was successfully taken to a truly European level. There were strategic debates about whether to keep the conference because its immediate business effect was not significant, but the long-term impact on the brand was huge. 

Similarly, there was debate about AIMagazine.cz, now Aimtec Insights, which has undergone an incredible transformation, and because Aimtec's experts and marketers are skilled at producing content, it is a key tool for building the company's expertise reputation.

But that wasn't our doing at all; that's just the inertia effect of a well-made brand - it puts new criteria on everything that represents the company. And above all, the company must be brand healthy; otherwise, not even a divine logo can make it move.

New key message for 23+
You don't need a software company. You need an ability company.

Fit for 23

In 2022, we were asked to improve the brand, do a partial repositioning to make it work even better in communicating with CXOs in the global automotive industry.

Together we discussed the situation and issues of supply chain management in the new era. An era that is challenging the whole industry in a way that hasn't been seen before, thanks to trade and real wars, Covid and the advent of electric mobility, and tried to target and design Aimtec a little better. 

You don't need a software company. You need an ability company. It came out as a logical truth - today, it's not a question of whether or not to have a digital factory, but how quickly and efficiently you can adapt to the challenges and changes that are and, more importantly, will be there.

Aimtec has been standing with the industry for over 25 years. It is therefore a firm part of it. It's a pleasure for us to be part of it once every few years.

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