Smart Software Garage

We branded the now important ICT group when there were about 35 of them and already then in five places in the Czech Republic. We were looking for a common note, feelin, culture, and it came out that "We are a garage band!". But the goal was to get big contracts, it went a bit against each other. 

So we created a new name for a Smart Software Garage together with the visual identity created by the UK designer Simon Gray. It was meant to be completely unique in the industry, which was supposed to distinguish BOOT!Q from the sterile, blue-on-blue universe of Czech IT companies.

It's always about the people
You can write emails, messages and slacks, but once you explain a great intention with a good video, it works a thousand times better.

B!Q rules!

The boys and girls loved the identity, we made them stickers for their laptops, mugs for strong coffee, instead of the usual positions they wrote B!Q Developer and B!Q Sales on their business cards and started to fight. Today, the BOOT!Q Group has over 400 people, they operate throughout Central Europe, and their performance and turnover are growing solidly. 

We helped them adapt their communication to the big world. But are they still the smart garage? They are. Their values are still independence, free thinking, free relationships and the courage to tackle the intractable.

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