Message in a Bottle

Engineering company KONPLAN, part of global beverage line manufacturer Krones Group, needed to reach creative, technically oriented candidates in the region. Logically, they came across how hyper-competitive this segment is in Pilsen. To stand out in the plethora of recruitment communications requires an idea and good execution.

After the usual series of internal interviews, we chose the path of elaborate gamification to support the client's own characterization, "We are actually such toys," and to attract the attention of a usually quite immune target group. Working with young game designers and an experienced comic illustrator, we created our own escape game, Message in a Bottle, which became the centrepiece of the recruitment campaign. 

The winning campaign
The Recruitment Academy has awarded the Message in a Bottle campaign the title of Recruitment Campaign of the Year - Big Budget 2023.

Why an escape game?

One of Konplan's biggest draws was their impressive building with its modern interior and clever technological features.

By physically implementing a real escape game, we wanted to invite people into the building to firstly find out where Konplan actually is, and then to give HR staff the opportunity to walk through the building with individual teams and potential candidates.

For the campaign, we also completely redesigned the company website konplan.cz, produced interview videos, individual and team photos, and outfitted OOH and online media with original artwork by artist Petr Šrédl.

The game is a story

The gamification of the campaign has proven to be a hugely effective concept, not only by raising attention and brand perception, but also because the story creates an overall framework that can be used as a basis for many other communication options. A good story is thus a source of inspiration for future campaigns.


You need to see the company
A promo video is an integral part of any campaign. It is meant to show candidates what the company's environment and people are like.

A company that few people knew what it did and what it was like before started to be talked about in terms of creativity, interesting ideas, the ability to have fun, people started to take an interest in their culture and global environmental responsibility. All of this helped to deliver the 2022 recruitment plan.

And win the Campaign of the Year 2023.

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