For One Healthy World

LabMedia experienced a steep increase in sales and sought to take advantage of this momentum for further growth, of which brand strengthening was an integral part.

The existing identity was rather weak, corresponding to a regional family business. However, the excellent reputation and potential of the brand were quite clear. Therefore, in our and the owners' opinion, it deserved much better care.

Together with the management and staff, we went through customer journeys, value propositions, user experience and all the things without which such a change is rather difficult to manage.

The management had a pleasingly bold ambition to be truly seen as a reliable, creative and forward-looking partner in the European scale of specialist lab suppliers. And most importantly, they were incredibly human internally.

Humanity and a genuine concern for human and animal health, which are closely linked, then became evident in the new identity of LMS.

For One Healthy World
The world of animals and the world of humans are very closely intertwined. One influences the other and we want to keep both healthy. It's one healthy world.


Our designer Martina Vaněčková came up with several concepts, of which the clear winner was "Growth". The soil for growing bacteriological samples is simply a petri dish covered with a kind of slime called agar, on which the milk samples are applied and allowed to grow. At first glance, aesthetically, no grand show.

But what comes next is a designer's marvel - the bacteria create organic shapes that grow and merge, coloring themselves in rich and subtle shades, creating color gradients, layers and shadows. 

The discovered adventure of organic growth has become the key idea, and the visual system of an entire family of brands can be built on it virtually without limit for many years. We always consider this to be essential. After all, visual identity is not a designer's opinion, but an illustration of a story.


Branding is a project. A challenging project.

A small company may find itself in a situation where it discovers that there simply isn't enough money for the entire branding project. Similarly, LabMedia has not yet completed the process of change and there have been some divisions in top management over this. 

We are always sorry when a brand is not utilized to its full potential and also when the company does not flourish as we all imagined. Hopefully they will have more great opportunities and really become a European star.

ClearMilk Test
The company's key product was branded as a priority, but already in line with the developing identity.

ClearMilk Test

A diagnostic system for detecting bacteria in dairy seems like a pretty boring affair. However, it is a powerful tool in preventive diagnostics that can significantly reduce the overuse of antibiotics and thus prevent microbial resistance.

We have prepared a custom brand and basic communication for the ClearMilk Test. This way, laboratory professionals have a better relationship with the product and LabMedia right away.

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