dynamics. focus. results. in law.

With attorney Tomáš Zacha and his partner Radka Konečná, we spent many hours discussing what a change of identity can actually do for a company.

We moved from initial mistrust to a project that was of great importance to the whole team. After all, it's not about a graphic designer bringing a new logo, it's about debating the true nature of the company with the whole team, finding out about the many more or less related issues, and considering that the biggest benefit of the rebrand, besides a new visual quality, is a much greater sense of belonging and ownership. People then live the brand, understand it and are able to support it much better.

Results as the main driver
The people at AKKZ are always after results. Their performance and attention to detail have made them a dynamic company. Its culture, as always, comes from its core partners. But fulfillment is built on the people within it.


In collaboration with designer Lukáš Franz and Beneš & Michl agency, we prepared and launched a new identity that the AKKZ team immediately fell in love with. 

Already at the launch party, the key A-period became a symbol of a new self-perception, greater cohesion and the courage to look to the future together.

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